Founded in 2012 in Denver by Jim Deters, Chris Onan and Lawrence Mandes, Galvanize provides educational programming in data science, web development, data engineering and related fields, as well as co-working space on six urban campuses – four in Colorado, one in Seattle and one in San Francisco. Galvanize’s immersive 12-to 24-week courses are market leading offerings that result in high placement rates in jobs with high base salaries. Galvanize allows an increasing number of individuals to re-purpose their professional lives into more relevant positions in the economy while significantly increasing the earning potential of all its students. Galvanize is one of the emerging market leaders in the for-profit alternative education market, offering a differentiated product with proven results for students. These educational offerings are filling the much needed gap between the demand and supply for technical talent that today’s employers are looking for. For more information, please visit¬†