Bhakti Chai

An interest in social action and a passion for travel led Bhakti Chai Founder and CEO Brook Eddy to India in 2002 to research a movement based on the principles of Bhakti, or “devotion through social action.” In 2007, Bhakti Chai was born with the vision of fusing sustainably sourced ingredients, artisan craft-brewed products and the values of triple bottom line business. This vision and leadership continue to permeate the company’s spicy blends by championing women and girls through charitable contributions and scholarships and blending beverages into a crusade for a better world. As a certified B-Corp, Bhakti Chai is devoted to supporting a sustainable supply chain, reducing its ecological footprint and investing in the community. Bhakti Chai concentrates and ready-to-drink chai are available at Whole Foods Markets, natural and independent markets, Costco, Kroger, Target and cafés around the country.

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